You can organize your bag! Useful mesh case and pretty animal bag.

Today, I will introduce my favorite two organizers. Aren’t you stressful when the inside of your bag is messy and you can’t find what you want to pick up such as, key, wallet, shopper bag and so on? I have experienced it many times! It is so irritating! If you have these experiences, this item will solve these problems. Today’s another item is “Animal small bag” from Seria. Aren’t you happy when you are surrounded by pretty things? I will introduce a pretty item that girls would love! Check this out!

cat and dog bag
three mesh pockets bag picture

“Useful mesh case”

This mesh case is very useful! You might think this is not new and it is just an ordinary case. However, I love this item and I think this is one of my most favourite items in Daiso! Normal cases have two or three pockets, but it might not have any mesh pockets. This item has three pockets, which have different length and width. The points are that it has three different sized pockets, one of which is a meshed pocket. Then this item is just only 100-yen!

Inside of my mesh case-

I storage my stuffs like these below:

  • The biggest pocket – shopper bag, pocket tissue, small notebook and sticky note
  • The second biggest pocket – pens, lipstick, something thinner goods
  • The mesh pocket – USB cables, battery for mobile and earphone which I want to take every day. 

Recently, a “Bag-in-bag” is a popular item in Japan. Have you heard it before? There is a “Bag-in-bag” in Amazon UK as well. I used to using it before. When you put your stuffs in the “Bag-in-bag” inside your bag or bag pack, sometimes it doesn’t work well and makes messier inside your bag because the most of all “Bag-in-bag” don’t have a zipper. If the “Bag-in-bag” doesn’t have zipper, then your bag will be messy when you put your bag upside down or looking for something. I think the most important thing is whether it has a zipper. Maybe I can find a similar case in Amazon UK. I think the cost will be over 500 yen.

It looks an ordinally case, but it is very useful for me! I have three of this! If you are interested, get it! It is only 100-yen! You will know how useful this is! Mesh pocket is easy to check your important stuff. This item has B6, B5 and A4 paper sizes. There are Navy and Beige colours too. I have all of these sizes. You can get this item at Daiso, check this out!

“Girls must check! Small animal bag”

Aren’t they pretty? I found these at Seria shop. These bags suit for coins. However, it has a thinner cushion inside and a large zipper opener. So how about using this for an earphone jack or USB? This is a small bag of cats and dogs. It has several designs such as Shiba-dog, golden retriever, and other cat’s designs. Check them! It is so adorable!

Today, I have introduced a useful item from Daiso and a pretty item from Seria. Japanese 100-yen shops have not only useful items but also pretty! Of course, they are just 100-yen!

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