Wonderful eraser from 100-yen shops in Japan

Everybody wants nice and cheap stationery, right? This is because they are consumable office supplies. Everybody uses stationeries every day. Japan has a lot of useful stationeries, which are also cheap and unique. Today. I will introduce one of my favorite Japanese stationeries to you.

Japanese erasers picture

“How easy to remove the writing on paper. Japanese eraser!”

Japanese people often use pencils and propelling pencils so that we need an eraser, especially for students. My friends who live in the UK and other countries tell me how Japanese erasers are wonderful. They will buy some erasers in Japan and bring them back to their living countries. I didn’t recognize how good Japanese erasers would be. Now, I’m in the UK. I really think they are very useful.

My recommendations are “MONO eraser and Matomarukun”

  • MONO
    This eraser can erase writings so easily. I have often used it when I was a junior and high school student.
  •  Matomarukun
    This is a unique eraser so that the eraser leavings will get together after erasing. You don’t have to brash them away so many times for tidying up. I used it when I was a primary school student.
    “Matomaru” means “gathering” in Japanese. 

I don’t know whether your kids or you like to use pencils. But if you do, just try Japanese erasers!

Chack at any 100-yen shop such as Daiso, Seria, and Cando!

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