Water resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker from Daiso Japan

Today, I will introduce a wireless Bluetooth speaker. This is water-resistant and it costs only 600-yen from Daiso Japan! Although you like listing to music on your phone in your bathroom, you don’t want to take your phone. You will like this item. This wireless item is not only water-resistant but there are some good points.

・This item has a suction cup
You can use as a phone
It has a USB cable (micro type B type cable)
Instruction is in English and Japanese
Easy to set up
Only 600-yen

If you are interested, please check below!

Water resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker and cable picture

The item includes…

  • Speaker
  • Micro USB cable
  • Instruction (It shows Japanese and English)

You can use a wireless Bluetooth speaker of water-resistant in your bathroom

I don’t want to get my phone any closer to the water! However, this wireless Bluetooth speaker from Daiso Japan is water-resistant and easy to set it up in your bathroom so that you can enjoy your music in your bathroom. Why it’s easy to set up is because it has a suction cup. You can put it on glass and pottery which surface is smooth.

I like to listen to music on my phone in my showroom, but I couldn’t hear enough sounds because I put my phone far away from a shower room. I didn’t want to take my phone in my shower room even though the phone is water-resistant. However, I can now listen to music well through Bluetooth from my phone in my living room! I can be relaxed by taking a bath and enjoy listening to music.

Water resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker in a showeroom picture

Charging USB and English instruction

You can charge it by USB cable (Micro USB type B cable) that this item’s accessory. It is simple and easy to use! The instruction includes English and Japanese. I am not a technical person, however, I could set it up easily. You can make volume change, start and stop on the wireless speaker.

Direction of Water resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker

You can use as a phone

Of course, you can use it as a phone. I usually don’t have many phone calls. However, if you are a busy person, this item will help you.

Charging time and Playtime

  • The charging time takes 1.5-2 hours
  • Playtime is 2-3 hours at 70% volume

Corresponding model and colors

  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • The color is pink, blue or white.

I wanted to get a white one, but it was sold out so that I got the last blue one in the shelf. It is a very popular item in Daiso Japan. 


  • Water-resistant (Not waterproof)

This is a water-resistant item so that you can use it in your bathroom, but unfortunately, it’s not waterproof. Just be careful! The sound by this wireless speaker is sometimes not clear enough, however, I feel it is ok in a small space. I am very satisfied with this quality for only taking a bath. It is not bad as considering only 600-yen and this is still Japan quality.

  • Daiso Japan has other different types of wireless speakers as well. but…

The one of them which I also found on the internet doesn’t have a micro USB cable. It has a DC V5 cable instead. If you don’t know about the cable, you should check it before buying it. One of them is not water-resistant either. Therefore, I prefer this item!

Water resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker

In the end…

The good point is that you don’t need to take your phone into your bathroom! Even if the phones are water-resistant or waterproof, I don’t want to get my phone any closer to the water! Unfortunately, this is not 100-yen but only 600-yen!
If you are interested, please check them at Daiso!


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