Vegetable fresh keeper

Can you use a whole vegetable, such as cabbage and lettuce, at once? Do you keep these vegetables in a refrigerator as they are? Do you store them wrapped with a wet kitchen paper?
Today, I will introduce a nice kitchen tool which can keep vegetables fresh!

Vegetable fresh keeper picture

“Just prick a stem of the vegetables with this item, and keep vegetables fresh for longer” 

The vegetables will remain fresh for longer because the growing points are broken when the stem is pricked with this item like picks. I stay with my husband only, so that we can’t use a whole cabbage and lettuce at once. I need to store them in a refrigerator, but they won’t be fresh for long. I have tried pulling up the stem from a cabbage or lettuce and wrap them with a wet kitchen paper before. Then I got the vegetables out from the wet wrapping kitchen paper whenever I needed to use them…, and put it back in again and again until we would finish all of them. It was so stressful. I don’t want to do every single time I use a cabbage and lettuce!



Just prick a stem of leaf vegetables vertically with this item.
Pull out the picks when you use the vegetables.
They will remain even fresher when being wrapped with a kitchen cling film before pricked with this pick.


Isn’t it easy?
If you have this item, you don’t have to use any wet kitchen paper! You can store vegetables as fresh as possible!
What do you think? Isn’t it a magical item? This is Seria’s item. I could not find it in Daiso. Check it in Seria!

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