To have beautiful skin! Japanese top-ranked cosmetic skincare brand “Etvos”

You will be happy when your skin is under good condition, won’t you? When your skin maintains under good condition, your makeup goes on smoothly and evenly. You will also look healthy too. Do you have your own skincare products that you love and you are satisfied with? Do you want to have good conditioned skin? If you are interested in beautiful skin, try this item.

Etvos products picture

“Do you have an experience that your skin condition is really bad or you feel there is nothing to improve the skin condition?”

When you get some skin trouble, it is unpleasant to touch it. You would become a bad mood, wouldn’t you? Especially, I wish the person I love to touch my skin only when it is a good condition. Everybody feels so, right? We need perfect skincare products, something like every skin trouble can be solved.
I have my perfect skin product which is called “Etvos”.
Japan has a big internet website “@COSME” which demonstrates cosmetics rankings based on words of mouth or user reviews. This brand “Etvos” is always on the top 50 in the ranking of a Moisturizing lotion and a Moisturizing serum.

ETVOS Moisturizing Lotion Serum Cream Moisture Ceramide Barrier Repair JAPAN | eBay

ETVOS Moisturizing Serum 50mL Skin care Serum gel Dry skin Japan Import | eBay

ETVOS Ceramide Skincare Moisturizing Lotion 150ml Toner Japanese Skincare | eBay

“It is difficult to tell you how much these products suit you. Just try them!”

Not many people from overseas might know Etvos. I want to introduce this today. There are some varieties of the products in this brand, such as for acne, whitening, or anti-aging series. The basic concept for the skincare series of Etvos is “to improve your skin power”. The popular items in the top 50 of the rankings are specialized for moisturizing. 

My favorites are “Vitalizing lotion” and “Moisturizing serum”.
Both are really good to me, but it is difficult to tell you how much they will suit you because every skin has different characteristics. From my own opinions, the vitalizing lotion is a thin syrupy state, and helps your skin moisturized next day.

I have tried using many other skincare products, but sometimes the items didn’t work. Since I found the Etvos items, I am a big fan of them. My skin also keeps good condition. It actually depends on your skin types. Everyone has different skin types. But I would like to tell you that, since I started to use Etvos, my skin has kept moisturized and I have never had skin troubles.

I am a repeat customer of Etvos skincare series. The bottles are not really big. However, even some small drops work my skin. Every time I come back to Japan, I always buy some of these skincare products. It is not that cheap. It costs about 4000-6000 yen. But I think it is worth trying. Please check this out on your skin. You can find them in “Shop-in”, “Matsumotokiyoshi drug store in LUKUA” in Umeda.

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