Wonderful Japanese cleaning tools from 100-yen shops: “Diamond cleaner”!

Diamond cleaner pictureIt doesn’t look good with stains on wet areas such as sink, toilet, glass and mirrors. It means these areas are not cleaned. Even though you clean your toilet regularly, you might still find the stains. The stains will be really visible. If you don’t clean your toilet for a while, the stains cannot be removed easily.
I don’t want to spend a lot of time on cleaning the toilet during my precious weekend. I want to clean it easily and quickly. This item will help you for this matter.



“Do you clean your wet area regularly?”

A wet area gets dirty so easily. Don’t you think so? I am concerned about my toilet more than sink. Because my toilet and bathroom are so bright, I can spot stains so clearly. It doesn’t look good, but it is also so hard to clean completely. If I leave this condition too long, it will get much worse. Under such a situation, I can’t invite my friends in my house!

“No need to have a cleanser! This item can clean it more quickly and easily than melamine sponges”

I strongly recommend you to use this item, “diamond cleaner”, when you clean your house, especially for the sinks, toilet, and mirror. I am sure this cleaner is able to clean such areas easily and quickly, and makes them more beautiful than melamine sponges does. Stains will be around every corner in my toilet! You put some water with this diamond cleaner and just rub!

No more cleanser, and you don’t also need to spend a lot of time! I got these items from Daiso but maybe other 100-yen shops might have the same items.

I love this item so much! I brought this to the UK from Japan. But you must check the instructions.
There are two types of diamond cleaners. There are many things that you cannot use this item for!
Check the instructions below:

【Diamond cleaner: Stick-on sink cleaning sponge】

Diamond cleaner picture

description of Diamond cleaner picture

Cannot be used on the following surface:
Mirrors and glass treated with anti-fog or water repellent chemicals, or mirrors or glass with a film or coating, Special glass such as frosted or etched glass, Resin mirrors or surfaces, Eyeglass lenses, Cars, Lacquered surfaces.

Do not use on new products or mirrored surfaces. The product will leave characteristic polishing marks.
Test it first in an inconspicuous place.
Stubborn stains may not come off just with water.
May not work on very old stains.
May become hard to remove and leave marks if left stuck on for long periods of time.
Do not stick to plastic surfaces, may leave marks.
Do not sterilize or use bleach or mold removers.
Do not stick adhesive sides together.
How to use:
– Peel off the film on the back
– Wet the area to be cleaned thoroughly
– Wet the polishing side with water and scrub gently a little at a time
– Wash away dislodged dirt and wipe up water with a dry cloth

【Diamond cleaner: Remove stains from glass and mirrors】

Diamond cleaner picture

description of Diamond cleaner picture

Do not use on marble or metal parts.

Test it first in an inconspicuous place. Do not use on uneven surfaces, obscured glass, surface-treated items (glass, mirrors, sanitary ware), automobile windows, glasses, lenses, etc. May not remove grime depending on conditions where grim has accumulated for an extended period of time, or that is caused by chemical compounds, saturated oil, or may depend on the quality of water used.
How to use:
– Wet the dirty area thoroughly with water
Dry or dusty surfaces can result in scratching
– Wet the polishing side (the side with the pattern) with water at first, and scrub gently a little at a time. Scrub until the roughness is removed
Do not scrub forcefully
– Wash well with water, and wipe and dry with a dry cloth


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