Stapleless stapler from 100-yen shops in Japan

This is a stapleless stapler from 100-yen shops. This item is so useful! I used this in my office where I worked. I used a lot of paper in my job. This item has no need for the needle/staple supply. It is ecology. Don’t you think so? Furthermore, I don’t need to pull the staples out from the papers for separating when you trash out so that I can take them into the paper-shredder directly! This item can only have 4 pages maximum in one time. I always used this item. Kids can also use it because there are no needles/staples. It is safe. If you often use a stapler, why not get it?
What do you think about this stationery? This is an interesting and unique item, isn’t it? Japan has so many unique stationeries. The LOFT shop also has funny stationeries. They are not, unfortunately, 100-yen, but it is worth looking around.

Recently, Japan has a Frixion pen which can be erasable after writing on a paper. It is fun as well. I found it in Europe, and it costs 15 euros. You can buy them less than 900 yen in Japan. I will tell you about this pen next time!
Check at any 100 yen shop such as Daiso, Seria and, Cando in Japan!

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