Spoon with grater: Daiso Japan

I will introduce a smart kitchen item “Spoon with grater” of Japanese 100-yen shop from Daiso Japan. It has two functions. Spoon for mixing and grater for making a paste. Spoon and grater get together in one, so it is even easy to make fresh ginger tea with less washing. Recently, this item has become a popular kitchen item in Japan.


  • It is made of stainless steel so that it’s easy to wash and quite strong
  • You can make a fresh grating of garlic, carrots, or other vegetables quickly, especially when you need only small amounts of them
  • Small size and you don’t need a big space
Spoon with grater with ginger picture

You can drink fresh ginger tea anytime!

This is a spoon with a grater. You can make fresh ginger tea when you get a cold easily. You can make a hot chocolate with a little chocolate grater on the top. You can make a small amount of cheese. Furthermore, you can mix your ginger (with a honey of course) and tea because it is a spoon!

Spoon with grater picture

Less washing. You can use it as a spoon too.

When you want just small fresh ginger for tea, you don’t want to use a food processor, do you? This item is made of stainless steel so that it’s easy to wash and it’s strong. It is also a small-sized. You don’t need a big space and less washing effort. This is an absolutely smart kitchen tool from Daiso Japan.

This spoon will help you less washing and making fresh paste such as ginger for a cold. It’s useful for the busy morning. It is like two birds in one stone! Check at Daiso Japan. You can also find a similar item at other 100-yen shops. Be careful! Don’t put it into your mouth!

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