Silicone oil brush from Seria

Today I will introduce a Silicone oil brush by 100-yen shop Seria in Japan. This kitchen tool is for spreading oil on the pan or spread sauce wherever you want. You can control spreading oil just depending on how much you need, and you can save your money by not buying too much extra oil. Also, it is healthy because you don’t take unnecessary oil. 

Silicone oil brush with pan

You can save too much oil 

You can control your oil for a coating pan and muffin tins by this item. Too much oil is not good for your health. You can spread the oil as a minimum as you require. Moreover, you don’t have to buy many bottles of oil by using too much oil! This item is one of the popular kitchen tools in Japan. 

Silicone oil brush picture

Easy to clean

Because it is made of silicone, it is easy to wash and drain. 

Silicone oil brush picture

The reason why this item is so nice…

  • You can control coating the pan with oil evenly and effectively
  • You can save your money by not using too much oil
  • You only need minimum oil so that it’s good for your health

You can nicely control how much oil you need. You can save not only oil but also money by not buying extra oil. You don’t want to use unnecessary oil, do you? I use this item into a small jam jar in my kitchen. You can get this item from 100-yen shop Seria in Japan. However, you might find a similar one at other 100-yen shops such as Daiso Japan and Cando. 


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