Portable Humidifier from Daiso Japan

Don’t you think hotel rooms are often dry? I feel thirsty at midnight and I always wake up to drink water. I don’t want to catch a cold during my travel because of dry air. If you have the same experience, I have good information! Eventually, Daiso has a wonderful item which is a portable humidifier!

Portable Humidifier picture

“Dry air in a hotel room”

I always think that the hotel rooms are very dry, especially in Europe. I feel not only thirsty but also dry on my skin in the hotel rooms. This is a big problem for me. I don’t want to wake up at midnight to drink water. I want to sleep deeply. To avoid these problems, I want to put a wet towel near my bed as a humidifier. But I often couldn’t find any place to hang a wet towel in the room. I tried hanging a wet towel on a standing lamp, but it dropped easily and didn’t work well. So, I gave up to make a solution to these problems…

“Daiso got a small portable Humidifier! ”

Now Daiso has a portable humidifier. This is not 100-yen, but only 400-yen! It has various designs. I got a lemon style one!

The good point of this item is:

  • USB plug
  • Small size (so you can take it to anywhere)
  • Pretty designs (it has also simple design as well) 

Portable Humidifier picture

You can take your trip with this item! It doesn’t need much space. Isn’t it nice?
I bought a small portable humidifier once on the internet, but it was broken quickly. The cost was over 2000-yen. I was really sad. So, I have been looking for a new small humidifier. I was so happy when I got a new humidifier less than 500-yen! It is like a dream! Because it is small, you can put this humidifier at your office and beside your bed.

If you go to Daiso, check it!

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