Best Tenugui towel shop: “Nijiyura”. Perfect for Japansee traditional souvenirs!

I have introduced Tenugui from 100-yen shops to you before. How was it? Do you like it? There are many ways of using Tenugui. Isn’t it nice?
Tenugui picture

Recently, I’m really into Tenugui. I want to replace all towels in my house to Tenugui!
Today, I will introduce a special Tenugui shop, “Nijiyura”.

“What design do you like?”

Do you want Japanese style designs for your souvenir or gift when you visit Japan? That’s nice. How about Osaka style designs such as “Taiyouno-tou”, Osaka Castle, and etc. My favorites are wisteria flowers, Japanese hydrangeas, and dots designs. I have bought Tenugui of these designs for my headband from this Tenugui shop, Nijiyura. The shop assistant, who is very nice, told me how to make a headband by Tenugui, and that is really easy! It looks so stylish and pretty to me. 
The shop assistant also told me that this shop recently becomes very popular to people from overseas. 

tenugui on the wall as interior item picture

“Workshop of Tenugui” 

They have some workshops to make your own tenugui. Unfortunately, I don’t know when they will have such workshops. If you are interested in the workshop and have some opportunity to visit there while you stay in Osaka, please check it at Nijiyura. 

“Tenugui shop, Nijiyura”

The main shop of Nijiyura is located in Nakazakicho near Umeda. There are other branches in Tokyo, Umeda Lukua, Kyoto, and KobeIt is a five minute walk to Nakazakicho from LOFT shop in Umeda. Recently, Nakazakicho becomes very popular to people from overseas, and of course, to young Japanese people as well. This is because there are many pretty shops and cafes around there. Tenjinbashisuji-6cho-me near Nakazakicho is where you will find a lot of shopping arcades. You should go there as well. This area is also popular for people from overseas. I will talk about Tenjinbashisuji-6chome next time! 

tenugui pictureHow is this? How about a pretty Tenugui for your gift and souvenir? I will strongly recommend you to go to Nijiyura. Please check “にじゆら” on instaglam, twitter, or facebook. I have put the URL below, although they don’t have any English version unfortunately. But you can still check the designs.

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  • hello, thank you for your nice website.
    i wonder if you can help me determine what store some particular tenugui came from.
    a friend has sent me these for at least the last 2 years but i usually feel that they are too pretty to actually use!
    she lives near Osaka but i can’t remember the name of the city.
    i don’t read Japanese well but i think the labels on the plastic wrappers say kabushiki kaisha Matsunoya but i haven’t been able to locate a store with that name.
    each towel has a design number and a description, which of course is much more trouble for me to try to translate but i hope to get to that.
    are you familiar with this store?
    thank you and best wishes.

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