No more damage clothes by laundry! Double layer mesh laundry net bag

Everybody use a washing machine daily or weekly, don’t we? Are you worried about damaging your favourite clothes by using the washing machine?  Today, I will introduce a good item specifically when you want to use a washing machine!

“Keep your clothes gently by washing”

Double layer mesh laundry net bag pictureThis is not an ordinal laundry net bag. It has a double layer mesh net. The reason the double layer mesh bag is recommended is because the double layer mesh makes a net bag softer. It is similar to a cushion so that it can prevent any friction damage. You can then keep any damage on your clothes  minimum. Your clothes will remain beautiful and long lasting. Any 100-yen shops have this item.

“Funny laundry net bag which has three dividers”

three dividers laundry net bag picture

I got this item for 3-coins. The shop which is called “Three coins” is selling most of their products for 300-yen. This item is a double layer mesh laundry net bag with three dividers. Isn’t it funny? You can check the picture of this product. The net bag shows which type of clothes I should put into each pocket, such as socks, underwear and t-shirt. It is very useful!

I have realized that my laundry machine in the UK damaged my clothes much harder than my Japanese laundry. I have never imagined this would happen when I was in Japan. So, I have started to use both color dirt and laundry net bags in the UK. This method has kept my clothes gentler.

How are these items? 3-coins and 100-yen shops such as Daiso, Seria, and Cando in Japan have various sized- and color laundry net bags. These items have a strong zipper and high quality. If you are interested, please check it! 

Here is some information of “Three coins”.

How is this item? Japanese shops have interesting items. Check at 3-coins shop!
three dividers laundry net bag picture


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