My favorite Japanese drug store item, itch relief cream for bites

Japan has many drug stores. Today, I will tell you Japanese popular itch relief cream. You can get this item in the most of all drug stores in Japan. If you get cold easily and you get insect bites in summer, please check these out!

itch relief cream picture

“Muhi alpha EX/strong itch relief cream for gnats and mosquitos”

Aren’t you irritated with an insect bite such as gnats and mosquitos? You might be able to resist some mosquito bite. The itchiness and spots will leave soon. But other insects might have a long lasting spot of bite especially on legs.

This item is not low priced, but it is worth buying. This itch relief cream works for strong insect bites such as gnats, flea, tick and any other strong itchiness of the bites. I often get a gnat bite in summer. It leaves a bad-looking bite and a small lump which is grey or brown on my skin. It is not only itchiness but also  leaves a hyperpigmentation on my skin. The insect is really troublesome! I want to wear a miniskirt in summer, but it is not sexy if I have a hyperpigmentation on my skin. Don’t you agree?

This item is not low priced. It is about 1000-yen. But it works well! Japan has many kinds of insects during summer. If you live in a similar place, I strongly recommend you to get this item! You can get it in any drug store! Check this out!


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