My favorite Japanese drug store item, herbal drops

Japan has many drug stores. Today, I will tell you Japanese popular harbal candy. You can get this in the most of all drug stores in Japan. If you get cold easily, please check these out!

Ryukakusan drop picture

“Ryukakusan. It smells, but it works well”

Rykakusan candy is a herbal and medical candy dropThis item has a peculiar smell. However, when you feel uncomfortable with your throat and cough, it works really well. My throat will get back normal and recover soon! I have tried many other throat candies. In my opinion, this is the best throat candies in Japan. I really want everybody to try this! 

“Ryukakusan is one of the most popular throat candy”

It is good for sore and uncomfortable throat, such as PM2.5 and cold. If you have a presentation, you have to be in front of many people, etc. This will help you. It has a zipper on the bag so that you can take this anywhere and anytime. It will not be messy in your bag. I always take this to my travelling because I would catch a cold easily due to fatigue and sometimes hotel’s dry air condition. I will bring a couple of Ryukakusan bags.

How about this item? It has a peculiar smell, but it works well. I can’t stand a sore throat! If you are worried about the smell, there are other flavors such as cassis, blueberry, honey lemon flavour, and so on. There is another item, “Ryukakusan powder”. I have never tried it, but my friend who is a pharmacist, told me that the powder itself is better than Ryukakusan herbal candy dropsYou can get this item in the most of all drug stores. It is about 200-500 yen but it depends on a drug store and flavors. 

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