Multi squeezer from Cando

Today I will introduce Multi squeezer from Cando. This item is to squeeze the last amount in the tube and to keep the product easy to dispense. And as a bonus, you can use it as a rice scoop.

Multi squeezer with curry bag photo

You can use up and it’s easy to use

This item is squeezing the last amount in the tube and also keeping the product easy to dispense. You can just slide this item and push it up on a tube. You can use any tube product up completely. Furthermore, you can use it as a rice scoop. I usually use it for a soup pouch and tube of ginger paste. This item really works and helps my kitchen. If you want to save money on tubes and lotions, you should get this item!

Multi squeezer picture

You can use this item for so many things

This squeezer is not only the toothpaste but also a tube of lotion, ketchup packets, rice scoop, and anything!

This is an item for those people who wants to finish the last amount of products. Some of the containers are so hard that you might find it difficult to squeeze. However, this item helps me in my kitchen. If you are interested, check at Cando or other 100-yen shops such as Daiso Japan and Seria.

Multi squeezer with tooth paste tube picture

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