Mask case from 100 yen shops

European and North American people don’t often wear masks. However, Asian people do often wear a mask, right? Because we are worried about PM2.5, cold and pollen allergies. Today, I will introduce a good item for Asian people.


The mask case which doesn’t get dirty in your bag anymore!

This item can keep both your used and spare masks in one case. It has two separate pockets in this case. You can organize both of your used and spare masks well in this one case. You sometimes find it difficult to breathe when going inside the building, don’t you? However, if you put your used mask back in your bag, it will become dirty and unhygienic. If you feel so, you can use this case to keep your used mask tidy.

The mask case which allows you to have your spare mask!

The point is that you can keep both your used and spare masks. Isn’t it wonderful? I used to wear a mask in Japan because I have a bad pollen allergy. But I often forgot to bring my mask with me when I went out. If I keep my spare masks in this case, I wouldn’t have to go back home to get my new mask.
Isn’t it a nice idea?
There are various designs of the cases in 100-yen shops such as Daiso, Seria, and Cando. The size will fit all kinds of masks.

How is this? It is a very good item for people who are concerned about PM2.5 and pollen allergies. Try using this!

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