Laundry item: Laundry hanger for sweatshirts with hood

Everybody uses a washing machine daily or weekly, don’t we? Today, I will introduce an interesting item!

Laundry hanger for sweatshirts with hood picture

“Don’t you have a special hanger for sweatshirts with hood?”

Isn’t it funny shape? This is a laundry hanger specifically for sweatshirts with hood. You only need to set up your ordinally hanger to this hanger. Just like the picture. My husband often wears a sweatshirt with hood. I am always concerned about how to dry the inside of the hood completely. This problem has been solved with this item! Just put the cloth with hood on this hanger! You don’t need to keep checking dryness inside the hood!

Here are cautions

Do not use this product outside of a balcony. Do not hang clothes outside in strong winds as it may be dangerous. Put the hook of your product securely on something steady such as a laundry pole. Do not leave the product outside when not in use. It will accelerate deterioration of the product, which will become easy to break. When not in use, keep the product out of children’s reach. Do not let children play with the product. Do not place it at the place which will become very hot, in particular near fire. If it is placed near fire, it may be softened and deformed. If it is polished by a scrub brush or polishing powder, it may have a scratch. Do not use this product for purpose other than its original intended use.

How is this item? Japanese 100-yen shops have interesting and unique hangers such as pillow hanger. This is Daiso made, but I found a similar item in CANDO. You can get these hangers in 100-yen shops in Japan!


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