Kamenoko-sponge: Best kitchen sponge in Japan

kamenoko sponge pictureEven if you have a dishwasher in your house, you would like to use sponges, right? Don’t you think that sponges are consumable items? Sponges normally can’t be used for long because it is not that strong. However, Japan has a nice sponge brand!






“Kamenoko-sponge is one of the best sponges in Japan”

This sponge looks an ordinary one, but this is really good for washing plates. This is also quite strong so that it’s not easy to be damaged. My husband, who has a strong grip during washing plates, can use this sponge for a long time. Kamenoko is an old Japanese company. Many Japanese people know about this brand. Japanese famous TV program often introduces this item and it has become popular.

New Kamenoko dishwasher sponge Do Square shaped green 3 pieces from Japan s/f | eBay

New Kamenoko tawashi (Turtle Baby) 3 Sets Kitchen Sponge Do Square Orange F/S | eBay

“Good points of Kamenoko-sponge”

  • It is a coarse-grained design so that it dries quickly.
  • Simple design so that any interior will be suitable.
  • It has antibacterial power.
  • The sponge is designed neither to be too big nor too small so that your hands will be fit perfectly, especially, for a female who has small hands.
  • Not easy to be damaged.
  • It gives a nice lather.

Unfortunately, this item is not 100-yen. It is about 300-400 yen per one. But it is worth to get it! This is a popular Japanese item. When I come back to Japan, I get many of these items and bringing back to the UK. If you like this, you can get it from Amazon UK and eBay.
In Umeda you can get this item at LOFT, 212 Kitchen, Leaf in Umeda and you can get this item a lot of lifestyle shop as well.


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