100-yen Japanese KAWAII (pretty-designed) zipper bags for food storage.

three zipper bags pictureZipper bags are very useful items. Don’t you think so? I often use them not only to pack foods, but also to put some pills, medicines, and tablets. Especially for those who want to pack kids’ lunch and snacks in some fashionable style, or those who love pretty things, I will recommend you to have Japanese “KAWAII” (pretty) zipper bags. 



Who wants to use a zipper bag every day? Japan has manyKAWAII” pretty zipper bags! 

Japanese zipper bags have various sizes and pretty designs. For example, Disney’s characters, Hello Kitty and other original designs. Recently, jar designs of zipper bags are popular in Japan. Your kids will be happy when they have their lunch and snacks with this pretty zipper bag. Japanese zipper bags are strong and not easy to be rip off.

Many ways to use a zipper bag 

Japanese zipper bags are very strong and cost only 100 yen.

  • For your travel
    I use this for my friend’s souvenir by separating each goods for each friend.
    When you need to buy souvenirs for your friends, don’t you often get confused without sorting out the souveniers for each friend? Especially if you have many friends and many things to buy, zipper bags would make your life easy!!

  • At the airport
    I normally put liquid bottles in a zipper bag in order to go through the security check at the airport smoothly.

  • Avoid from water
    When you take bath or shower, you can use a zipper bag to keep your mobile phone away from water, even while you are listen to music in the bath.

  • Washing dirty clothes
    This is a very good idea to put your dirty clothes in the zipper bags. 

    How to wash dirty clothes with zipper bagssocks in a zepper bag picture

  • Put dirty clothes such as socks in a zipper bag

  • Wash them all together inside the bag by rubbing well

  • Leave them in the bag overnight

  • They will become clean and dirt-free

Many zipper bags can be used in the freezer, refrigerator, and microwave. However, make sure to check an instruction of zipper bags before you use them. While living overseas, I always miss the quality of Japanese zipper bags. I can open and close them easily. Do Japanese people living overseas agree with me?
You can find this item at any 100 yen shops such as Daiso, Seria, and Cando in Japan!

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