Japanese Yuzu soda from Seven-eleven convenience store

Do you know Yuzu? It is Japanese citrus from a long time ago. It is not sweet so much as orange, but it refreshes the inside of your mouth. Japanese people love Yuzu. Why not trying Yuzu during staying in Japan? Today, I will introduce my favorite Yuzu item.

Yuzu soda from Seven-eleven picture

“Strong soda with Yuzu taste”

This drink is a simple Yuzu taste and smells nice. It is so delicious. Not too sour like a lemon but not too sweet like an orange. It also includes strong soda. I love strong soda which makes tongue simulated. There are many kinds of Yuzu flavor products in Japan. I drink those like every day when I come back to Japan. Japanese people love Yuzu. Don’t you want to try this?

Japanese people take a bathtub with Yuzu in the winter. Also, we have Yuzu seasoning. Recently, chocolate shops in overseas have Yuzu flavor too.

You can buy it at Seven-eleven convenience store. Check this out at Seven-eleven convenience store. It is 100yen. I hope I could make this drink overseas.

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