Tenugui: Japanese traditional and pretty-designed towel for your gifts

What do you want to buy when you come to Japan for traveling? Do you want to send a stylish gift or souvenir to your friends? Japanese traditional towel “Tenugui” is an ideal item for souvenirs. There are many ways to use it. Today I will introduce “Tenugui”.

tenugui pictuer

“Tenugui is a perfect souvenir”

Tenugui is normally used during or after washing your body, face, or hands as a Japanese hand towel. It has many Japanese traditional designs such as cherry blossoms, Japanese fireworks, Sumo wrestlers and so on. Everyone uses towels, right? You can get a perfect souvenir for only 100 yen!

“Multi-functions to use Tenugui”

You can use Tenugui as a table runner.

  • You can have Sushi party with a Tenugui as a tablecloth.
    How cool it is!

  • You can use Tenugui as interior items.
    If you want to use it as an interior item, you can also buy a special bar in any 100 yen shops to hang it on the wall. Of course, you can use pins to hang it on the wall.
    tenugui picture
  • You can use Tenugui as a gift wrapping.
    My recommendation to use a Tenugui is to wrap up a bottle of wine with it as a gift wrapping for your friends.

    Your friends will think that you know a Japanese style for sure.
    This is so stylish because you can send both a bottle of wine and Tenugui!

    (Here is URL for wrapping with Tenugui)

tenugui picture

If you are good at sewing, you can make a small bag by two pieces of Tenugui.
(Here is URL for making a Tenugui bag)

Tenugui size

About 35(W)×95(H)cm

What do you think about this item? There are many ways to use it!
Daiso, SERIA and Cando sells Tenugui, but I prefer SERIA because there is many kinds of Tenugui designs. 
If you want more stylish Tenugui and don’t mind spending more than 100 yen, you can check other shops called “Madu”, “LEAF” and “LOFT”.

LOFT https://osaka-info.jp/en/page/umeda-loft

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