Japanese 100-yen stationeries: various pretty “paper tapes” & “sticky notes”

paper tapes pictureJapanese stationeries are very pretty, colorful, and fashionable. Today, I will introduce Japanese pretty paper tapes and sticky notes to you. 

“Pretty paper tapes”

Paper tapes are those which you can tear and write anything on. You can also stick it on for wrappings or decorations of any items such as notebooks, or pen/pencil cases. I find them in bookstores and stationery shops in the UK. Most of all paper tapes are actually made in Japan. There are many kinds of paper tapes in Japan, such as thinner, glitter ones, and etc. You can stick them onto a bottle, wall, pictures/photos and pens for the decorations. I found an interesting paper tape which allows you to draw and paint on it. How about a gift for your kids?
My favorite way of using a paper tape is to use it as memos by writing dates when I open or best dates before eating. The written paper tapes can also be attached to zipper bags for foods such as vegetables and meats, and will be helpful to remember until when I should use them all. I can stop wasting my foods!

“Various sticky notes”

Japan has so many varieties of sticky notes. Daiso and other 100-yen shops have sticky notes which are film and easy to remove. There are circle-shaped, thinner, bigger, glitter, balloon-shaped ones and so on. 

Here are my favorite sticky note

  • Transparent sticky note
    I can stick this onto books and maps, and mark anything on them. I can use it for marking and commenting without any distractions for reading due to the transparency. It is very useful, and easy to peel off.

    Transparent sticky note picture

  • 5 color small sticky note
    I often use it for my TO-DO lists. This sticky note can be carried inside your pen case. Each note can be popped up and easily taken off. The note is made of tough film so it can’t be broken or torn easily.

    5 color small sticky note picture

    When I was working at the office, I brought sticky notes with me wherever I went to, such as meetings. I normally wrote down all I had to memorize on the notes. After that, I just put them on my scheduling note or notebook.
    So, I could organize my schedule and remember deadlines.

Today, I have introduced Japanese paper tapes and sticky notes to you. 100-yen shops such as Daiso, Seria and, Cando have many kinds of paper tapes and sticky notes. In the shops, there are also other items to help you organize your life with the paper tapes and sticky notes. Please check them!

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