100-yen Japanese useful kitchen items: “Hana-fukin”

Do you like pretty things? If it’s just for utility things, they need to be practical first. However, if they’re also pretty, it is even better, isn’t it? Kids love pretty things, especially for girls. Today, I will introduce a practical item. 

hanafukin picture

Japanese kitchen cloth “Hana-fukin”

Do you use kitchen cloths in your house? Of course, every family uses kitchen cloths. I love the UK’s kitchen cloths and tea towels. They are very useful. A Japanese kitchen cloth “Hana-fukin” is useful as well. I told you in the previous post that “Tenugui” is very useful.
But this “Hana-fukin” is the best to wipe tables. Also, you can use it as a tea towel. You can buy “Hana-fukin” in 100-yen shops. It has Disney land’s characters, Hello Kitty’s designs and traditional Japanese designs.

Here is a caution to use Hana-fukin:

Wet before each usage, and dry it after the usage.
Hand wash separately to prevent color bleeding
Do not bleach or sterilize by boiling

Do not leave on artificial marble or wooden surface
Keep away from fire and heat
Due to the material characteristics, the product may shrink depending on the usage.
Use it only as intended

Other Japanese “Hana-fukin” is designed with Sashiko. Sashiko is one of Japanese embroidery. It has beautiful designs. Sometimes, I stich Sashiko for my kitchen cloths likes “Sashiko Hana-fukin”. This is not 100 yen but it is less than 1000 yen.
If you are good at embroidery, it might be easy for you to make it on your own. You should try that! You can check what “Sashiko” looks like in Instagram. If you want to buy Sashiko-Kitchen clothes, you can buy them at “Hobbyra-Hobbyre” on the 10th floor in Hankyu-department. They have many Sashiko kitchen cloths for stitching, and also have translated introductions from Japanese to English. 

What do you think of a practical items? Especially, foils are expendable supplies so that you might not want to buy a lot of them. Please check them in 100-yen shops or Hankyu store!

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