Japanese funny kitchen tools!

kitchen tools pictureKitchen sponges are consumable items so that I have been trying various types of sponges. If you have interesting and pretty tools, they might make you happier during houseworking. Today, I will introduce good kitchen items!

“Sponge which can be stored on the top of a kitchen detergent bottle”

Sticker on cleaning sponge pictureIsn’t it pretty? This sponge is sheep-shape designed. The reason I found this item so funny is because you can put this sponge on the top of a kitchen detergent bottle for storage. Do you get it? There is a hole in the bottom of this sponge so that you can put it on the top of a kitchen detergent bottle. Every family has a kitchen detergent, right? It is not so hygienic that sponges stay around sink. This item solves this problem! There are dolphin- and sheep- shaped sponges. Sheep one has a monotone color. It will match any interior designs. 

“Sticker on cleaning sponge”

Sticker on cleaning sponge picture

This sponge is very useful. It has a sticker on the back of the sponge. You can put it on the washbasin, sink, mirror and toilet tank. You don’t need a particular place to put or store it! This isn’t a melamine sponge. However, this is made of acrylic fiber which cleans well with just water. Washbasin gets dirty soon so that I want to clean it quickly. I don’t want to see fur forms on my washbasin! 


  • Peel off the film on the white side before use
  • After use, squeeze it and shake out excess water. Then press it firmly against the desired place
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the surface before attaching the product
  •  Do not wash dishes with the adhesive side.


  •  If it does not stick easily, wash the surface and the adhesive side well.
  •  In order to remove it, slowly peel it off from one end.


“No splash when you get the sponge out from the bottle”

the sponge out from the bottle picture


many color of the sponge out from the bottle picture


Don’t you think this is a pretty design? This item is not only pretty but also very convenient. My most favourite point is that the scourer won’t make any water splash when you get it out from the bottle. I used this item in my mother’s house. I was so impressed. I always feel that it is trouble to wash bottle or something cylindrical. However, this item won’t make any splash! You can wash your bottle without any stress! You can wash your bottle perfectly! It is easy to wash and drain off well, and this item also has pretty and colorful designs!

Sometimes Japanese department stores have some demonstrations or show cases for this item. You can find this item at Cando, and I couldn’t find it in the other 100-yen shops in Japan. However, they don’t sell this item for 100-yen. It has three colours (it might have more). This is a utility item, but it is also pretty designed so that a kitchen will be more colourful! How about a souvenir for your mother? Check this out at Cando!

What do you think of these items? Japanese 100-yen shops such as Daiso, Seria, and Cando have a lot of interesting and pretty sponges for a kitchen and a lavatory.

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