Japanese cosmetic premium hair mask “FINO” from SHISEIDO.

Do you use a special hair care such as hair treatment, special conditioner, hair mask and etc? I don’t like dry and feel rough to touch hair. I introduced “Shower cap treatment. In this time, I introduce special hair mask named “FINO” from SHISEIDO.

Japanese cosmetic premium hair mask “FINO” picture

“How much do you spend your beauty items per month?”

I have heard a survey of Japanese females who are thirties for spending their beauty items tells less than 10000 yen. Who about you? If you use good hair masks or treatments, it must be expensive. It is a consumables item, Unfortunately, you have to keep buying if you want to have your hair beauty. Good hair masks are expensive. I’m happy with a low cost but I need high quality items! So, how about this item “Premium hair mask FINO”?

“Premium hair mask FINO”

My friend who have beautiful hair recommended me to buy this item “FINO”. I had used expensive hair treatment before, so I was worried about this cheap a hair mask at first. And I use… It was really good! It is valuable!
My opinion, this item makes my hair smoothly and shiny. I have deep damaged hair, but it gets better and better. It has a nice quantity. It is worth to get it!

Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Penetration Essence Hair Mask 230-Gram for sale online | eBay

I checked internet site “@COSME”.
It tells that this item is top ranking of the hair treatment category for now!

How to use

Apply them to wet hair, especially damaged area after rinsing shampoo. Let the mask sit for like 5-10 minutes. Then, wash off your hair as usual. Use 1-2 times a week. Two of teaspoon proper for medium-length hair.

Try use this item with “Shower cap treatment”, I use them both. I feel my damaged hair get improving!
Check this out! You can get this at any drug stores such as Matsumotokiyoshi and Don Quijote. It is about 1000 yen.

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