Japanese cosmetic brand “IPSA”

IPSA pictureDo you know IPSA? This is a popular Japanese cosmetic brand. We love low price skincare products, but sometimes we want to use high brand skincare products for ourselves, don’t we? I want to spend more money on high brand skincare products for my skin than the high brand cosmetics such as foundation cream, etc.
Today, I will introduce Japanese cosmetic brand” IPSA”.

“Popular Japanese cosmetic brand IPSA”

IPSA is a Japanese popular cosmetic brand. Asian people might have already heard about IPSA. Most of all Japanese department stores have IPSA shops. IPSA has a good quality and various items such as a skincare lotion, milky lotion, beauty serum and foundation cream, lipstick and so on. My friends who are IPSA customers always have a beautiful skin.

“Diagnosing test of your skin”

Because of too many items in the shop, you might not know what you should buy. No problem at all! A good point of IPSA is that you can have a counseling of your skin by their beauty advisor. The advisor will tell you which items you should choose from the various items. I have used the diagnosing test for my skin before.

(I will show results of my diagnosing test below↓)
Based on the results, my advisor has recommended me to get special milky lotion, “ME SUPERIOR e 4” and skin lotion, “THE TIME RESET AQUA”.
Both items have worked well because I got appropriate IPSA items, and now I know my actual skin type.

“High value on @COSME”

As I said in the previous “ETOVOS” post, Japan has a big internet website “@COSME”, which demonstrates cosmetics rankings based on words of mouth or user reviews. IPSA items are always ranked in the top 50.

“IPSA’s popular item”

IPSA’s cotton pads are popular as well. The cotton pads are big, and easily get on with your skin. It isn’t fluffy either! If you are interested in any comfortable cotton pads, I also want you to check the cotton pads from SHISEIDO. This cotton pads are soft touching and quite similar to the IPSA’s cotton pads.
You can get these cotton pads in the most of all drug stores in Japan. Milky lotion costs about 5000-8000 yen.


THE TIME RESET AQUA 4320-yen tax included.


Unfortunately, I can’t buy the IPSA’s cosmetics anymore because of the costs and now I live in overseas. I often buy these items when I come back to Japan.
However, one of my friends, who now lives overseas, has bought a lot of IPSA’s skin care items to last for two years! She is 40 years old this year, but she doesn’t have any spot on her face. She even looks early thirties!

I used to go to the IPSA shop in the Hankyu department store in Umeda. However, it always has a long queue, especially on the weekends. So, if you go to IPSA shops, I strongly recommend you to visit there during weekdays until 5pm. Not only Japanese customers but also many Asian people are in the queue.
It is worth buying their products. If you are interested, please have a check at any department stores!


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