Is your pillow clean? “A net to dry pillow cover” from Daiso will help you!

Do you often dry your pillow under the sun in a good manner, or use an anti-bacterial spray on it? Because we use a pillow every day, we want to avoid it from ticks and mold. Also, I’m really worried about men’s pillows. Sometimes it is smelly. The pillow needs to be clean all the time. I want to wash and dry my pillow under the sun. However, the fabric is too big, and it isn’t easy to dry. I always struggle with this cleaning problem. I’ve finally found a solution! Today, I will tell you a helpful item, “drying net for a pillow”.
Do you have good sleep with a clean pillow? 
We really want to wash a pillow and dry it under the sun. However …,
– Hangers can’t keep pillows up and dry them nicely.
– Pillows can’t be put up nicely on a frame/rack alongside with other clothes.

This is because the pillows would be easily fallen down, even though I use clothespins or clothes pegs.
– Two hangers might be able to hold the pillows up, but it is still unstable.
– If I put a pillow on any flat surface frame alongside with other drying clothes, the frame will not have enough space to dry other washed things such as a bed cover.

I bet everybody washes a pillow cover and a bed cover at the same time, don’t you? Do you agree with these problems?

Let’s have a good night’s sleep with a clean pillow! 
I found a good item which is called “Drying net for a pillow” at DaisoThe size of the net is about 70x60cm. It is very easy to use! You can use this net to clean. 

≪How to use≫
Put the net on your hanger.
Wash or use an anti-bacterial spray on your pillow or a kid’s plush doll, and put them in the net.
After that, just dry them in the room or under the sun. (I think drying them under the sun is better!!) 

I love drying under the sun, and it makes the fabrics softer and more comfortable! What do you think? I think this net will solve the difficulty of washing and drying pillows! Let’s have some nice sleep with a clean pillow!


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