100-yen helpful items for fashions: “Stole clip & Hat clip” in Daiso Japan

Stole clip picture hat clip pictureI love fashions! But if fashion items such as stoles (long scarfs or shawls) and hats are not easy to use, you might not want to wear them. Today’s items are stylish but also practical and nice! 


“Stole clip that helps your style with your favorite stole nicely”

Recently, people have found a stole (long scarf or shawl) really fashionable, haven’t they? I love the volume and size of the stole! It looks so stylish to me. But often the stole is easily dropped because it is too long.
Stoles are easy to put on and off quickly, but it always drops. I will repeat this again and again. This item “Stole clip” is a stylish looking but helps to hold your stole up in a style.

There are three types of stole clips which are either a chain, belt or toggle style. It has clips on the back side. So, you can clip your stole. Another point is that you don’t need to use any pin. Your stole won’t be damaged.

I like winter fashions. However, I have shallow shoulders, so that I drop my stole all the time. I always thought that “I want to wear the stole stylishly, and I want something to keep my stole up”.
Finally, I found this item in Daiso and I am so pleased! Isn’t it a wonderful item? By the way, some clip might be too weak, so please check the strength before you buy it.

Stole clip picture description of Stole clip picture






“Hat clip. You won’t lose your hat, anymore!”

hello kitty hat clip pictureWe have much sunshine in the UK if the weather is fine. I always wear my hat. But, the UK is also a very windy country. When I go to seaside, I am always worried about losing my favorite hat and blowing it away. I often use this item which is called “Hat clip”. You just clip your hat and clothe together. That’s it! You won’t lose your hat anymore! Sometimes, I buy a hat online, but some hat doesn’t fit me in size. Now, I can use this item for not losing it no matter what size it is.

There are many ways to use it.

  •  Clip a towel for a bib on a baby’s neck.
  •  Clip a toy or towel with a baby buggy for baby not losing them.
    I found a Hello Kitty’s hat clip which is very pretty! How about buying it for your kids?

Today, I have introduced helpful items for fashions. I have wanted them for a long time.
Maybe, your country has hat clips and stole clips already, but Daiso’s one is very stylish, isn’t it? Of course, they cost just 100-yen! You don’t need to lose your fashion, anymore! Buy these and be stress-free!



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