Helpful cleaning tool in winter: “Dew condensation picking wiper” from 100-yen shops!

Dew condensation picking wiper pictureDew condensation is a big problem in winter, isn’t it? I live in a cold place in the UK. My house has double glazed windows, but my windows still get condensation. So, I normally wipe windows many times in a day. Dew condensation do not only make damp air inside your house, but is also bad for your health. Today, I will introduce very useful item for winter!






Why do you get condensation on the window?

I don’t know much about why the condensation happens in detail. It causes when it has a different temperature between inside and outside of the house. If you leave dew condensation, you will have mold in your house. Especially, your curtain will get molded. I had an experience that my curtain had to be replaced.

Preventing Condensation

Today, I introduce “Dew condensation picking wiper”! This is a very smart item. The wiper consists of a tank, so you don’t need to use towels anymore. I wipe a window in my bedroom every day, but I can’t wipe a whole window because it’s too big. I have to change towels. Wet towels look unsanitary. I don’t even want to touch wet towel in cold winter.
This item solves these problems! You must get this!

How to use

Please keep the head part up and collect water into the tank. You could easily wipe dew condensation off.

Dew condensation picking wiper picture
description of Dew condensation picking wiper picture


  • – Please regularly throw away water collected in the tank before it becomes full.

So, what do you think? This is a very useful item, isn’t it? Every family has this kind of problem during winter, including my mother, my friends and myself. It costs only 100 yen to solve this.

Check this at DAISO!

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