I am Sunny. I lived in Osaka, Japan, over 30 years. I have moved to the United Kingdom last year. I sometimes go back to Japan, and I search for Japanese popular items and information. I really love UMEDA in Osaka. Especially, I, as Japanese, want to tell you all about Japanese cosmetics and Japanese 100 yen shop “DAISO”, “SERIA”, and “CANDO” (They are like a dollar shop/Poundland shop).

These shops are not only in Osaka, but also everywhere in Japan. Japanese items are high quality, very useful and pretty. I have realized that Japanese items are so wonderful and useful since I moved to the UK, and I didn’t think about it when I was in Japan.

If you come to Japan, I want you to see and try these nice Japanese things. Japanese items are very functional and even cheap.

I will update my blog about Osaka foods and restaurants as well.

If you come to Japan, check these things out!

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