Unique five-toe socks from Japanese 100-yen shops. Perfect for souvenirs!

Have you ever seen five-toe socks? It’s amazing and so comfortable! When your feet are very cold, I am sure that you want to wear a pair of socks.  But when you wear socks, your feet start to get sweaty, and you might want to take your socks off immediately. Then, you might need to wear socks again. This is a problem, right? Do you also mind any smell from your feet when your feet get sweaty? When you have these problems, this item will help you. Today, I will tell you a good item “Five toe socks”.

five toe socks picture

“Problems of feet and socks”

Do you have any tendency to feel cold on your feet? I do, especially during winter in the UK! It is really bad. 
But when I wear socks, I often get sweat on my feet, and want to take my socks off in the end. Then I will repeat this again and again. Also, when your feet get sweaty, don’t you mind any smell from your feet? 
For those who have these problems, the five-toe socks are good for you.

“Effects of the five-toe socks”

These socks look strange, but it is a good item. These socks are separated by each toe so it cannot get sweat between. A bad smell from the feet normally comes from the propagation of various germs so that athlete’s foot might occur when the tinea fungus grows on your feet. Then, these socks can prevent your feet from having a bad sell.

There is probably one problem you might be annoyed when wearing these socks. You might find it difficult or take some time to put them on. Nonetheless, these socks are good for your health. You might think these socks make your toes even colder because each toe is separated. But through my experiences, it hasn’t been that case. I think these socks would circulate the blood evenly. Your feet won’t be cold, and will remain warm.  This item is perfect! I normally wear these socks during the cold winter in the UK.

By the way, be careful when you visit your friend’s house with these socks. You might want to take them off, because they look a little bit strange and you might feel embarrassed. I will wear these socks under the situation when I don’t need to take them off. You can buy this item at CanDo shop, but other shops might have these too. Of course, you can get them in any socks shops as well.

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