100-yen useful Japanese kitchen tools: “Food sealing clips”

Today, I will introduce Japanese food sealing clips. It is a necessary item in the kitchen, isn’t it? Japanese 100-yen shops have various kitchen items depending on your circumstances and needs.

Food sealing clips which allow you to note dates picture

“Various sizes of food sealing clips” 

  •  16cm long food sealing clips16cm long food sealing clips picture
    Every family has small food sealing clips. The longest size might be around maximum 15cm, right? I found a 16cm long clip in Daiso, which is slightly longer than the typical ones! I always wished I could have a bigger size of clip so that I could seal a big size of crisp bags. This clip can close the big crisp bag nicely, and will not break any crisp inside. 
  •  Food sealing clips which allow you to note dates.
    This is a very useful item. The clip can demonstrate dates. You can record an opening date or the best date before eating. It is difficult for me to remember the best dates of all vegetables and meat for cooking. It is impossible for me. This clip helps me use all foods before expired or rotten. I want to cook them all when they are still fresh.

You can buy different types of food sealing clips in any 100-yen shops such as Daiso, Seria, and CandoIt is really useful. I have brought these to the UK. Please check them in the 100-yen shops! You will find them useful too.

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