Gentle body wash cloth and pumice stone containing silk powder

How do you wash your body? Do you wash by your own hands, a body towel or a sponge? How about your foot callus? Everybody doesn’t want to have any rough skin, right? Japanese shops have many good bath items. Today, I will tell you my favorite bath items.

many kinds of body towel picture

“Japanese gentle body washcloth”

Daiso and other 100-yen shops have many kinds of body wash clothes. These are not normal towels for drying your body. They are for washing your body.

There are body towels of natural fiber made of cotton, so it’s safe for kids. They also have silk (I am not sure whether it is 100% of silk or not) are really gentle for your skins. You can remove dirt of your body gently. Also, you can clean your back because these are long enough.

silk and bubble body towel picture

Comparison to a body washing towel in the UK

I live in the UK now, but I haven’t seen similar body wash clothes. I am not satisfied with washing by a normal towel there. I want to give an extra care to my skin. I don’t know well about how people in the UK wash their body. Do they use some specific tools for washing their body? I have checked Amazon UK, but I couldn’t find any similar type of the body wash clothes as compared to Japanese ones. I have found a nylon cloth there. I actually have a really sensitive skin so that nylon is a little bit strong and rough to my skin. I have tried a natural sea sponge, but it is so expensive, and it fell apart and was broken into several pieces quickly. A loofah body wash is also too much for my skin.

You might think that you could get dry or you might damage your skin when you use a body wash cloth. I highly recommend to use a natural fiber body wash cloth made of cotton. It is so gentle for your skins. Is it nice that you can be relaxed in a bathtub with hot water on the weekends after washing your body gently? It is such a precious and gorgeous time, isn’t it? Any 100-yen shops have similar items. Please check them!

“Pumice stone containing silk powder”

HOUSE OF ROSE pumice stone picture

HOUSE OF ROSE pumice stone

Everybody doesn’t want to have thick or rough skin on your soles, right? I don’t want my partner touching my rough skin soles. Maybe, I can have better soles if I wash them regularly. But if I didn’t, I would have thick or rough soles. Especially when I find it hard to wear a pair of socks due to some hardness of my heals, I would have already thick or rough soles too. Everybody must have a same issue.

MUJI pumice stone picture

MUJI pumice stone

I use this pumice stone. It is amazing! I actually cannot tell any difference between with or without silk powder. However, this pumice stone makes my soles so clean and beautiful. It is not so painful for scrubbing my soles. It works really well! “HOUSE OF ROSE” and “MUJI” have this pumice stone containing silk powder. I haven’t found this kind of the pumice stone at MUJI UK and other shops yet.

Unfortunately, this item is not from Daiso. You can get it at the HOUSE OF ROSE or MUJI.
– About 1000 yen at House of Rose
– About 400 yen at Muji

I hope you like this! You can eventually get beautiful soles.

House of Rose has three shops in Umeda


Today, I have introduced you two of my favourite bath items! Please check these out.

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