Funny highlighter from Daiso Japan

“Funny highlighters with beautiful colors and coming out well”

highlighters picture

It is necessary to use highlighters, especially when you are a student or taking an exam, isn’t it?. This is my favorite highlighter which I have often used when I was a high school student. It looks like an ordinary highlighter, but it has a window at the pen end like the picture below. The user can see through the window so that you can make sure to highlight a necessary area, and you can avoid marking too big areas.

highlighter picture

Not many people care about too many marks, but Japanese people want to be precise and tidy. Who cares? But isn’t it funny? I really like this ambition. Sometimes it is too much, but on the other time, you feel good.
Anyway, my friends from the same high school had this highlighter too, and so did I.
The reason why many friends of mine and I used this highlighter is that we didn’t want to mark too much.

Isn’t it a funny highlighter? You can get it at Daiso!


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