“Shower cap treatment” from Daiso: 100-yen bathroom item for those who have damaged hair!

Everyone doesn’t want to have damaged hair. Don’t you think so? Damaged hair looks awful! When you dress up nicely but have damaged hair, it doesn’t look stylish! Why not try “shower cap treatment” from Daiso for damaged hair? This item is particularly for those who have damaged hair.

Shower cap treatment picture

“How do you treat your damaged hair?”

Do you have healthy hair? Unfortunately, I don’t. I have soft and dry hair, and also hair breakage. I am concerned about static electricity on my hair, especially in winter. My hair often gets awful during winter. I am not impressed by my style even when I wear my favorite stylish clothes. It doesn’t look cool!
I tried extra hair care treatment for my damaged one, but it didn’t work at all. I always look for beautiful hair! I would like to introduce this shower cap treatment to you this time.

“The effectiveness”

Since I started using this item with the ordinal hair care treatment, I can keep my hair moist. Even while drying my hair after shower, I can run my fingers through my hair smoothly. You only need this item and hair care treatment! This cap keeps steam inside, so that your hair receives special care more effectively and evenly. Good for both short and long hair!

“How to use”

You wear the cap for 5 to 10 min and wash your hair.
(This package doesn’t say how long you need to put this on, but I normally wear it for 5 to 10 min, and it works perfectly for me.)

This item has a couple of cautions below:

  • Keep this item dry. (I think this is the most important thing!)
  • Do not wash this item. (I normally wipe the inside of the cap before it gets hair treatment)
  • Although this is a free-sized, it may not fit all head sizes.
  • Do not clean this item with dryer, iron, bleach or any chemicals.

I love this item! My hair becomes healthier! If you don’t like this item, it costs only 100 yen! You can get it in Daiso.
You should try this once!

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