Furikake: Japanese favorite seasoning with boiled rice. Perfect for your souvenirs!

many kinds of furikake pictureJapanese foods are popular overseas nowadays. I heard that many people, who are not even native Japanese, cook homemade sushi. You should try not only sushi, but also different ways of eating rice, such as rice balls or donburi. I don’t think the cold rice is delicious. You might also get bored with eating only boiled rice. Don’t you think so? If you want to try different ways, try Furikake, which is Japanese favorite seasoning for the boiled rice!




“Japanese people love furikake”

Do you know Furikake? I think many people overseas already know Furikake. Furikake is a Japanese seasoning which sprinkles over the top of boiled rice. There are many flavors of Furikake in Japan. Every Japanese people from a child to adult eat it. Especially, when we want to add some taste on the boiled rice, we normally use Furikake. But whether I get bored or not, I love Furikake. I want to use Furikake every day.
These top two Furikakes below are recommended for those who eat furikake for their first time. 


“Noritama, which is the mixed flavor of eggs and dried seaweed”

Noritama furikake picture

People from a child to adult love “Noritama”, because it has a sweet taste. You will love this flavor. You can also make some salad with Noritama. It is really easy and delicious. 

Here is a recipe for a salad with Noritama:

  • Wash lettuce and cut tomatoes into small pieces.
  • Add Noritama furikake into the bowl with lettuce and tomatoes, and mix them.
  • Pour some sesame oil over it. Enjoy!

“Shake, which is a salmon flavor”

Sake furikake picture

This Frikake is made of dried salmon. The taste is really good. As compared to Noritama, shake flavor is not that sweet. But children also like salmon flavor. 

These two Furikakes below are recommended for those who want to try something new or unique.

“Wasabi, which is a spicy flavor”

Wasabi furikake picture

I think many people overseas already know Wasabi. Wasabi is the green spicy paste often used for sushi. Japan has a lot of Wasabi flavor food, such as Wasabi-flavored crisps, seaweed, noodle and so on. It has a piquant taste for adult, but probably not for children.

“Butter Shoyu, which is a flavor of butter with soy sauce”

Butter soy sauce furikake picture

This is delicious! “Butter shoyu rice” is boiled rice with butter and soy sauce, which contains high calories (but if you are interested, try! It is also good!). This Furikake tastes similar to the “Butter shoyu rice”, and it does not have high calories. I also found an interesting recipe of using this furikake too.

Here is the recipe.

  1. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on salmon.
  2. Cut onions, broccolis and Japanese mushrooms, Eringi or Simeji (I think any other mushrooms are still OK) into small pieces in advance.
  3. Spread onions on 30cm cooking foil, put salmon over it, add other ingredients and sliced lemons on.
  4. Sprinkle the Butter Shoyu Frikake over the top of these.
  5. Fold the sides of the foil over the salmon.
  6. Add 50cc of water and bake it in a covered pan with middle heat.

Actually, my favorite Frikake is “Goma-shio”, which is sesame and salt flavor and “Yukari”, which is a shiso perilla flavor”. There are so many varieties of Furikake in Japan. You won’t be disappointed. You can buy Furikake in any 100-yen shops such as Daiso, Seria, and Cando, of course, supermarkets as well. They must have a special section for it.

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