Kinako: Japanese traditional sweets taste from 100-yen shops

Do you know Kinako? Do you like Matcha latte? Starbucks has a Matcha latte. Have you ever tried it? Matcha comes from Japan and now it is popular even overseas. But do you know Kinako? Kinako is a very healthy food made of soybeans! Kinako has been as popular as Matcha for a long time in Japan. Japanese cafes sometimes has Kinako latte. Today I will tell you what Kinako is like and my favorite Kinako sweets.

kinako chocolate picture

“Taste an ingredient of Kinako”

Kinako is soybean-powder after being roasted and crushed. It has a different taste from soymilk. It has a nice smell. Japanese people like to eat Kinako sweets mixing Kinako and sugar. Kinako is a healthy food for your body. 
Starbucks has Matcha latte, but not Kinako latte. I wish I could drink Kinako latte even overseas. I prefer Kinako to Matcha! This is because Matcha is a little bit bitter, but Kinako is sweeter.

“Many kinds of Kinako foods and my recommendation!”

There are many varieties of Kinako foods. Japanese Häagen-Daz ice cream shops offer a KINAKO flavor. DAISO, a Japanese 100-yen shop, has many KINAKO snacks/sweets in a special section. Now you know how much Japanese people love Kinako! My recommendation is KINAKO-chocolate. Everybody loves chocolate, right? The chocolate makes it easy to try Kinako taste for your first time!

Other Kinako foods are:

  • Bread with KINAKO and honey
  • Milk with KINAKO
  • KINAKO biscuits and so on.

    If you like Matcha, don’t you want to try Kinako too? Both of them are Japanese traditional foods. 
    If you really like Kinako, you can buy just Kinako powder at Daiso and other shops in Japan, and of course even at supermarkets as well. You can make your own Kinako latte at home easily. If you don’t want to buy Kinako powder, Daiso has Kinako Latte powder as well.

    It costs only 100 yen!
    Why not try Kinako and be healthy!

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