Onigiri pack from Daiso to make Japanese rice ball like professional

Do you know an Onigiri (rice ball) pack from Daiso? You agree that rice is very delicious, don’t you? Recently, rice becomes popular overseas because people like Japanese sushi, rice ball and a lot of varieties of Dons (i.e. Katsu-don, Gyuu-Don, Tempura-Don). Do you also have any good idea for using your leftover rice? This time, I will introduce an Onigiri pack from Daiso. This will be suitable for a cheap gift/souvenir from Japan.

Onigiri pack picture

Use your leftover rice wisely

What if you cook too much rice? How do you use your leftover rice? This item, “Onigiri pack”, is to make an onigiri (rice ball) easily and conveniently. You can keep it within this plastic cover in a refrigerator or freezer without using any plastic wrap/cling film, so it’s really ecological. This item also allows you to make a nice triangle-shaped onigiri easily. Even for Japanese people, it is difficult to make a perfect triangle-shaped onigiri. In addition, when using this origini pack, you don’t need to wait for the rice to be cool down before making an onigiri.

A convenient and portable tool for rice ball

You can use it for your lunch, and also warm it up directly in a microwave. If you are busy in the morning, just warm it up in a microwave. This will be quick and sharp in your busy morning. What you need to do is just to put some rice into this rice ball pack, and keep it in the refrigerator or freezer!

・You can make a rice ball as large as 120g in weight.
・You can make rice balls without making your hands wet or sticky.
・You can carry a rice ball in this pack and eat it easily.
・This item is made of silicon, which can be used again and again after washing it.


description of making rice ball by this pack description of making rice ball by this pack









  1. Add a proper amount of rice into this product.
  2. Tightly close the lid.
  3. Lightly squeeze it to make a good triangle-shaped onigiri.

What do you think about this item? Isn’t it a helpful item? I usually happen to cook too much rice, so I use this quite often and freeze it for next days. No more waste (i.e. plastic wraps/cling film)! This item enables you to make a good triangle-shaped onigiri as Japanese professional chef.

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