Bathroom items from Japanese 100-yen shops. Make your toilet comfortable!

Do you feel your toilet seat is so cold during winter? Doesn’t your hip get surprised? You don’t like a cold toilet seat in winter, do you? But everybody must go to the toilet. It is a physiological phenomenon. 
Today, I will introduce a good item that people want for a warmer toilet seat!

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“Coldness of toilet seats in winter”

European toilet seats are very cold in winter, both in public and my friend’s house. European people don’t feel so? Maybe they must know a tip to avoid sitting on a cold toilet seat.

Japan has electric toilet which is a western style toilet with various functions such as bidet. There are also functions such as warming a seat, washing bottom, bidet, and dryer. Even Japanese public toilets have these functions. For me as Japanese, it is natural that a toilet seat is always warm. So, my bum always gets surprised when I sit on a cold seat. Maybe wooden seats might be better than ordinal plastic ones.

“Do you want a comfortable toilet seat?”

If you want a comfortable toilet seat, you should buy “Stick-on toilet seat” from Japan. This item is applicable to any toilet seat of various shapes. DAISO’s one can be washed in the laundry, and it can still be reused onto the toilet seat even after being washed. In addition, there are many pretty colors and designs, especially in SERIA.
※I am not sure whether SERIA’s one can be washed as well.
Japanese electric toilet is very expensive, but this item costs only 100 yen!

How to use

  • Use a laundry net to wash in a delicate cycle.
  • Do not use chlorine-based detergents or bleach
  • Dry in the shade Do not hold in place with pins.
  • May leave a mark on the surface to which it adheres.
  • Place the surface to which it adheres downwards and dry in a flat face.
  • Do not tumble dry


  • Use after wiping clean dust, oil, water and other residue from the surface to be attached
  • Do not use with a heated toilet seat.
  • Do not stick adhesive sides together
  • Do not leave affixed foe an extended period of time. It may not always be possible to remove the sticker.
  • If adhesive remains on the toilet seat after removal, wipe it off with a cloth.
  • Do not use this product for purpose other than its originally intended purpose.

You might not be able to use an electric toilet because your house does not have an electric plug/power socket in the toilet.
My house does have the same problem, as well as the electric toilet is, of course, expensive.
Why not using this item? You can get your toilet seat warm by 100yen!
You can find this item at any 100-yen shop, such as Daiso, Seria, and Cando!

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