Dishwasher basket from Cando

Today I will introduce a dishwasher basket from the 100-yen shop Cando in Japan. This item is a kitchen tool for washing small items such as cutters, the lid of a bottle and small spoons in a dishwasher.

dishiwasher basket in a dishwasherpicture

You can clean small items properly

Do you wash your small items by your own hands? I do such as chopstick rests and cookie cutters. I am worried about whether or not all of the small items will be washed properly in the dishwasher. Because the water presser makes small items upside down, dropping and missing inside the dishwasher, I usually wash them by my own hands. However, this basket can prevent these problems inside the dishwasher. You can clean your small items property. 

dishwasher basket picture

Two sizes of baskets

You can have two sizes of this kitchen tool by 100-yen from Cando. You can put it vertically. You don’t need to use much space to put this item in your dishwasher. Furthermore, you can put it away after drying all of them.

dishwasher basket picture

If you are worried about whether or not all of your small items will be washed properly, check this item. I got this from 100-yen shop Cando but Daiso Japan has a similar one.

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