100-yen unique cleaning items: Hanging bath sponge

Hanging bath sponge pictureDo you often clean your bathroom, don’t you? After cleaning my bathroom, I want to wash and clean all my cleaning tools such as a bathtub sponge. Since I wash my bathtub sponge after I use it for cleaning the bathroom, I also want to dry the bath sponge. However, I am wondering where I should put it for drying. I have found a unique bathtub sponge for cleaning! Please check this item!






“Nice idea! Hanging bath sponge”

This wonderful cleaning tool can be hanged on any bar in the bathroom, such as a bar for a shower curtain! This sponge has a hook so that you can hang it on any bar like a hanger. You can wash and dry your bathtub sponge after cleaning! Don’t you think it is convenient for a cleaning tool?

Normal sponges –

The cleaning tools will get wet and dirty after cleaning a bathroom. I need to clean and dry them, especially a bathtub sponge. If I don’t, I have to buy another one soon. It will look very dirty and I am afraid that it will get more germs. I want to wash the sponge regularly, and keep it clean. Otherwise, I don’t want to use it again. Furthermore, I am always wondering where I should put it. I don’t want to put it on the corner of the bathroom. I feel it is unsanitary, and it is always wet. The corner would get dust easily too. In addition, I dont want to use any drying tool likes a hanger and clothespins and pegs, because they are for wet clothes. This sponge should stay in the bathroom!

What do you think of this item? I think this sponge is a brilliant idea! You can get this item at Daiso and Seria. I don’t know whether Cando has it or not. 

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