Kikumasamune-lotion: Cheap and nice Japanese cosmetic skincare products to moisturize your skin!

Can you keep a good skin condition even during a drying season such as winter? If not, you want good skincare products, don’t you? But you have to keep using them if you want to maintain nice skin conditions. Unfortunately, good skincare products are not cheap. Do you want to know any cheap and nice cosmetic products to moisturize your skin? Kikumasamune-lotion is recently becoming popular in Japan! Today, I want to introduce this item to you!

Kikumasamune lotion picture

Kikumasamune lotion

“What do you do when your skin gets some trouble?”

Do you have skin troubles sometimes? What do you do? Normally, people use a skin lotion, moisturizer, or beauty essence, or take some supplements, don’t they? Do you use a skincare lotion? Japanese females love skincare products. There are many kinds of them. I found the good, cheap, moisturizing skincare lotion. 

“Cheap and big bottle of skincare lotion”

It is Kikumasamune lotion. My friend who has beautiful skin told me her secret using this skincare lotion. The lotion is 500ml. It costs less than 1000 yen! Because of the cheap price, if I don’t like it, I could throw this away. But it is really worth trying!
This is really good to moisturize your skin!

Kikumasamune Japanese Sake Moisturizing Toner, Enriched for sale online | eBay

This lotion is made of Japanese sake company. The component includes sake (Japanese alcohol). At first, I was concerned little bit about the smell of the sake. The smell itself is neither bad nor good. But I have got used it, and now I don’t really mind it. Anyway, this lotion keeps your skin moisturized!

Japan has “Hatomugi lotion” which is based on adlay. It is also very popular in Japan. Actually, this lotion is as popular as Kikumasamune lotion. But I prefer Kikumasamune one. My skin will get more moisturized with the Kikumasamune than Hatomugi lotion.

There is only one problem in the Kikumasamune one. The bottle has a push-down pump so that it is a little bit hard to control how much you want to use at once. I normally use a facial cotton pad with this.

You can buy this item in most of all drug stores. This costs less than 1000 yen, and becomes really popular now. Many friends who have beautiful skin also like this lotion. How about trying this item to maintain your beautiful skin?

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