Brush care net from Daiso Japan

Do you often use a hairbrush? If you don’t clean your hairbrush, it gets messy with your hair. You have to clean a hairbrush regularly. But, don’t you think it is hard to get rid of your lost hair from a hairbrush? It takes a long time, and it’s so irritating!
Today, I will introduce a nice item for this matter!

Brush care net picture

This is a net for a hairbrush

Just put this net on your hairbrush. That’s it! You can comb your hair as usual. When you want to get rid of your lost hair from your hairbrush, pull the net out from your hairbrush. Don’t you think it is a nice item?
Your lost hair will be stuck with the hairbrush easily. There are not only your lost hair but also dust sticking with the hairbrush. 
When I use my hairbrush before taking a bath, I always think “I must clean my hairbrush next day” every day…. My hair is quite long so that it gets twisted around my hairbrush. It is so hard to get rid of them.
However, this item can get rid of your lost hair easily and quickly! Just pull out the net from the hairbrush.

Description of Brush care net
This product contains 40 nets in one pack. It is a good deal.
This item can also be used for animals’ brushes, such as brushes for golden retrievers. Isn’t it really good to keep the brushes clean and tidy for your pets?
You can get this item at Daiso. What do you think of this? If you like, check this out!

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