Bottle type of tissue case

Tissue is a necessary item in our life. However, normal tissue cases do not suit any stylish interior design. Today, I will introduce a stylish item that you can use perfectly in your room.
If you are interested in a stylish and chic interior design, check this out.

Bottle type of tissue case picture

A novel and stylish design of tissue cases 

What do you think this item is? This is a tissue case. It doesn’t need much space because the tissue case can stand up vertically, so that you can put it in a small and thinner space. This has a simple cover, and any interior design will be suitable. It looks so cool and stylish, doesn’t it?

The way to use is: 

  • Just roll 120 tissue papers up and insert them in the case.
  • You can pick a tissue paper from the top of the tissue case one by one. 

This item has a smaller size as well. Don’t you think one tissue paper is too large, do you? I want to use as small space as I can for tissue papers. I feel that a size of the tissue paper takes up a lot of space. This is not efficient and effective.
However, the smaller tissue case only uses a half size of the tissue paper itself. Just cut tissue papers half and put them into this item. 

The point of these item is that you can also put this item in a drink holder in your carAlso, perfect for a nice interior design!  

There is a white, black and brown color one. I like the white one because white always give a cleaner impression.
So, what do you think? You can get these items at Daiso, Seria, and Cando. Check it out!

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