Bath slippers from Daiso Japan

I will introduce a pair of bath slippers from Daiso. This is one of my favorite items in Daiso. This pair of bath slippers are fluffy and comfortable. I recommend taking it on a trip! If you love to travel, please check this!

I will tell you about these items.


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This item looks a pair of simple slippers, but they are very smooth, fluffy, light and comfortable. This is towel-like fabric. I feel like I am at a luxury spa when I wear this pair of bath slippers. Of course, you can wear this item after taking a bath with your wet feet. However, I wear this item while I am in my house and walking around. It is no problem.

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It is very soft and fluffy.

  • Perfect for traveling/ business trip

Most travelers walk a lot for sightseeing, shopping and so on. I think they will be very tired and want to take their shoes off when they get to a hotel. However, many hotels don’t have slippers. Even when your hotel is clean, you don’t want to walk around your room, do you? This pair of slippers are lightly small. They don’t take much space so that I can take them on my overseas trip. I can be relaxed in a hotel and feel my feet free. You can take them for flight as well.

  • Why this is so popular…

This is a popular item in Daiso. I read about this item online, many people love this comfortable feeling and they are heavy users in Japan. These slippers are not only comfortable but also really economical and cheap so that people can buy them regularly when they are damaged.

bath slippers picture

Material, sizes and color

・Polyester 100%
・Size: 25cm and 28cm
・Color: pink blue
This item is soft and flexible.


Unfortunately, this pair of bath slippers are not allowed to wash. The size itself is Japanese size, and please make sure that your feet fit them.
Price 150-yen

In the end

If you come to Japan and stay somewhere like a hotel and Airbnb, get this pair of slippers at Daiso. It makes your trip as comfortable as your favorite luxury spa! This item is not 100-yen but only 150-yen. I think it is worth buying this item because of quality even it is not 100-yen. I love this pair of bath slippers. If you are interested, please check at Daiso.

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