Japanese high-quality pens from 100-yen shops. Perfect for writing smoothly!

gel ink ballpoint pen pictureDo you like to have a low-cost pen for writing smoothly? Do you want a pen, which allows you to write smoothly? This is so valuable!
If so, I would like to recommend you to try a gel ink ballpoint pen from Japanese stationaries.
Japanese stationaries are so popular all over the world, especially Japanese ballpoint pens because they allow you to write very smoothly.
Instead of typing on your PC, writing can be enjoyable. You can organize your ideas easily and conveniently. Writing is also a good exercise for your brain. Don’t you agree?
Let’s enjoy spending more time on writing with Japanese pens.

Stress for oil-based ballpoint pen lovers

Oil-based ballpoint pens are not normally user-friendly. The ink is not so smooth that you might find it difficult to write especially at the beginning. The pen sometimes leaves some marks on the next page from the previous page as well.

Write by a gel ink ballpoint pen

Gel ink ballpoint pens have an extremely light and smooth sensation during writing. I use this pen to write my diary every day. It doesn’t need too much pressure and effort during writing. I never feel tired by using this pen. For me, writing diaries every day requires for smooth pens. This pen is actually 100yen, and one package contains 3-5pens! Is this a good value?


5 pens/0.38mm for 100yen
3 pens/0.5mm for 100yen


0.38mm for writing on schedule notebooks
0.5-0.7mm for ordinal writing

Let’s go to Japanese stationery shops, try Japanese ballpoint pens, and check how you feel. Famous shop “LOFT” and other stationery shops have a lot of good pens and other stationaries. But most of all stationery shops have nearly the same items. 100-yen shops like Daiso, Cando, and Seria, have also nice stationaries as well. They are definitely worthy!

I also like MUJI’s gel ink ballpoint pens. The pen is an ink cartridge-style, so it is ecological. The pen has a clip attachment on the top too. I will write about this item next time.

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