100-yen useful Japanese kitchen tool:“kitchen paper roll holder”

Today, I will introduce Japanese kitchen paper holder to you. It is a necessary item in the kitchen, isn’t it? Japanese 100-yen shops have various kitchen items depending on your circumstances and needs.

kitchen paper roll holder picture


“Small kitchen users. How about using a kitchen paper roll holder?” 

My kitchen is very small. There is only small space available. Is there someone like me? If I put a kitchen paper roll in my small kitchen, the paper will get dirty because oils and water are sprayed over. You don’t want to be under this situation, do you? Do you agree? This kitchen paper holder has a magnet on the back. Due to this holder, any size of the kitchen paper roll can be put on a refrigerator. If you don’t have much space to locate a kitchen paper roll in your kitchen, why don’t you put it on a refrigerator? Everybody has a refrigerator. You can also create some space in your kitchen. 

Additionally, the width can be adjustable! Isn’t it wonderful? This item also has a suction cup version instead of magnets, which enables you to attach to different surfaces.

You can buy different types of kitchen paper roll holders in any 100-yen shops such as Daiso, Seria, and Cando. It is really useful. I have brought these to the UK. Please check them in the 100-yen shops! You will find them useful too.

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