Unique cleaning items:Microfiber slippers

Dust will get accumulated in a house easily, especially on the wooden floor. Don’t you think so? We have to clean our house very often. If you don’t, your floor will have your fallen hairs, pets’ hairs and dust. You have to spend your important weekend for just cleaning up. Today, I will introduce another nice item for people who don’t want to clean on the weekend.

Microfiber slippers picture

“Microfiber slippers”

This item looks funny, doesn’t it? Room shoes and cleaning tools get together! The bottoms of the slippers have microfibers so that just walking with the slippers in the house enables you to collect dust. There is a custom that Japanese people normally take their shoes off inside the house. We have room shoes/slippers culture! It is a useful item for Japanese people. It can also be washed and reused. Isn’t it economical and ecological? If you have kids, you can protect your kids from dust. Sometimes, dust will cause allergies.

back side of Microfiber slippers
I will clean my wooden floor every time I see dust. It doesn’t take much time. However, it is still stressful for me to clean up my house and spend some time on the weekend. My usual tool to clean my wooden floor was a dry wipe sheet initially. It was very useful, but it ran out quickly. I had to buy many boxes of the dry wipe sheets. I didn’t think it was ecological and economical. So, I stopped buying it. Then, I started using tissues and wet sheets. I wasn’t satisfied with either option because I still had to spend money for buying them. I have found these slippers more useful as compared to the previous options.

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