100-yen Japanese useful kitchen items: pretty “foil”

Do you like pretty things? Kids love pretty things, especially for girls. Today, I will introduce a practical item.

dog and hello kitty's foil picture

“Various kinds of foils” 

I already posted that Japanese zipper bags are nice, but foils as well. It has many pretty designs and sizes! Of course, it has Disney land’s characters and Hello Kitty’s and original designs in 100-yen shops. It has various designs and sizes which are very pretty. Kids will be happy when they see a pretty foil covering their lunch, snacks and candies. Sometimes, I go to a day trip with my husband. I make some sandwiches, rice balls and so on. I often use this foil because they are really pretty! I often make something to eat for my friend’s kids using various designs of the foils in BBQ party. Kids will be happy and they can choose whichever design they like.

What do you think of this practical item? Especially, foils are expendable supplies so that you might not want to buy a lot of them. But how about using them for your special day like a day trip, your kid’s lunch, or home party? Please check them in 100-yen shops.


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